New features: (9/2018)
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This tool alerts you of volume changes for BTC pairs on Binance. You can look for positive, or negative changes.
Global settings enable filtering unwanted coins (by volume, or specific ones) and also enable/disable sound
Settings enable setting the wanted preiod of time to check, and the % change to look for
New scope lets you add an additional scope for another set of volume change checks
Alerts stay on screen for 5 minutes, if after 1 minute the same coin (in the same scope) gets another alert, it'll move to the top of the list, and increase its Combo value by 1.
{{changePeriodOptionsRaw[scope.changePeriod].name + ' | ' + valueToCompareOptionsRaw[scope.valueToCompare].name + ' | ' + scope.changePct}} x Settings
{{alert.pair}} / {{(Number.parseFloat(alert.change) > 0 ? '+' : '') + alert.change + '%'}}
Now: {{alert.price}}
Avg: {{alert.priceCompared}}
Combo: {{alert.combo}}
New scope
Global settings - affecting all scopes
Show tutorial:
Coin symbols to ignore:
Minimum price: (BTC)
Minimum 24h volume: (BTC)
Scope settings
Sound type:
Bump/combo sound type:
Compared value:*
Change % to look for:
Value type to compare:**
Minimum volume of type:****
Minimum past average volume of type:*****

*The entire point of this tool is to compare the latest volume to an average over the past time period. For example selecting a compared value of '15 Minutes average', and a +20% change pct, will alert you of any coins where the latest minute volume is 20% higher than the average volume of the last 15 minutes.

**This means the type of values to compare, total volume is cool by itself, but you can for example only track buyer volume. Solid stream of buying volume could suggest an increasing demand.

***Net volume - means substracting the seller volume from the buyer volume. For example the total volume over the past minute was 10 BTC, 4 of it was buying, and 6 selling. This means the net volume is -2 BTC.

****Meaning the volume could be 100BTC, but 99 is sellers, 1 is buyers, and the minimum volume is 5, there won't be an alert if the value type is buyers volume. If the volume type selected is 'total', then it would alert, since 100 > 5, but 1 (buyers volume) is not bigger than 5. The value compared is an absolute, so if you're using 'net' volume type, and looking for negative volume, -10 will be considered larger than 5.

*****Same thing but applied to the past average.